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It’s the Season for Brides


June is upon us and has brought with it the excitement of weddings. We all love weddings. They are happy moments cherished by everyone, and a time where everyone come together to celebrate love and the joys of life. It is one of the most memorable moments in the lives of the bride and groom and they want to make it the best wedding they’ve been a part of. However, most of the burden of organizing the wedding falls on the bride and some brides have no clue as to what they need for their wedding in terms of fundamentals, even though they have a lot of ideas. Therefore, we thought we’ll bring to your attention some basic things you need to concentrate on your wedding day in relation to the venue and decorations.

Decoration Basics

There are some fundamental points you need to concentrate on in terms of selecting decorations for your wedding reception. All of us want the perfect fairy tale wedding and there are some principal decoration requirements that you need to pay more attention to. For instance, you would want to get a wedding arch hire service to get that perfect arch done for your wedding as it is one of the most prominent and memorable requirements of a wedding. It would be the place where you recite your vows and thus it would be captured in all the photographs as well. Therefore, you would want it to be perfect. May it be a floral arch or a rustic vintage one, you should make sure it meets your requirements and the quality you aspire.

Hence, make sure you tell the hiring service what you want exactly and follow up on the plans. In addition to the arch, the tables that you allocate for your guests and the table that reserve for the bridal retinue, your husband and you are also of major importance. They are some of the more prominently decorated places of your wedding reception. Therefore it is important that you pay attention to the centrepieces of the tables. Once again, tell your florists what you want and insist on a sample of the decorations to the wedding.

The Venue

Selecting the most appropriate venue for your wedding is of utmost importance, as a lot of the other aspects of the wedding reception depend on the venue. You might have a lot of exciting ideas but they should also be practical. For instance, it is not practical to have an outdoor wedding during the rainy season. Therefore, choose wisely when selecting the venue, depending on environmental factors, the number of guests you would like to invite and theme you select for the wedding.