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Gold Coast is known as the craziest paradise and it has been constructed for bucks parties. This amazing venue has amazing range of bars they range from traditional bars to nightclubs. If one of your best friends is getting married you will feel like you are losing your partner but the good thing is that you are going to be in charge to arrange the party. As the best man you might have so many questions concerning throwing an amazing Melbourne bucks parties, contact play lounge. Before you arrange the party there are three important questions that you need to ask yourself.
When is the time to do the party? The idea of holding bucks poker in the evening before the wedding date has been vetoed by most brides who think that it is vital that the groom will stand up during the wedding day. Arranging the party two weeks before the wedding is better because it will prevent you from last minute wedding panic. It is also going to mean that events which happened last evening are going to be still in the guests mind. If the party is a surprise for the groom then you can start preparing four months early before the wedding because he is not going to be expecting it. In case the bucks mate will spread across the globe but they are going to be flying for the wedding see if it is possible to arrange the party two nights before the wedding date. This is going to allow a whole day for recovery.
What should be done at the party? During bucks cruises party all that is required is mates, food and beer. But most grooms are searching for jelly wrestling Melbourne that involve activities such as paint balling, rally driving, quad biking and golf. Whether you are going to be having a one day event or a party the whole weekend the best parties are those that combine various activities accompanied with an evening of drinking. Enjoying the activities in the evening is a good time for playing drinking games and female dancers.
Is it a must to hire a stripper? As the best man you know how the buck is going to feel concerning hiring a stripper. If you have ever gone to a buck party and there were strippers around and the buck enjoyed then you should hire one. Hiring female dancers is not a bad idea it is fun especially if it is handled well. If the bride threatens to cancel the wedding because there were naked women who were involved in the party you have to take this matter serious. If you decide to hire a stripper for the party there are a few things that you have to consider to make sure that it is not going to go wrong. You have to get the time and location right. Party should be in full swing before strippers arrive. Drinking games should be underway before the female dancers arrive and make sure that the lights are not bright. You also have to make sure that you are getting good female dancers. Call various agencies to compare their services and prices. You should make it clear to them what you require. If there are any cameras they should be kept away. This should be a surprise for the buck but inform other guests that strippers are coming to the buck’s paintball party and inform them not to take photos. Most agencies do not allow this also.