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How To Plan A Wedding Within A Couple Of Months

Weddings are not only the biggest event that you would ever have to plan. But it would also easily be the biggest day of your life. Therefore we understand why couples would at least take a year to plan this event. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford to take much time to plan this event. Many would only have a couple of months to get everything ready. We know that this sounds like an impossible task to accomplish. But it is not. All you need is a clearly thought out plan to work with.

Create a Budget & Come Up With The Guest List

Even though you only have a couple of months to plan the wedding you still need to follow some specific steps. The first would be to create a budget. This is something that the two of you need to have after discussing your finances with one another. That is because at the end of the day all the decisions that you have to make depend on this budget. Everything from the Sunshine Coast elopement packages you can hire to the venue you can book depends on this value. It would also be a good idea to create a guest list at this time. That is because some individuals don’t have that many people to invite. Then automatically their wedding would become a small and intimate affair. But if they have a never-ending list of people to invite that is when the budget would come in handy. That is because you can determine how many you can invite according to your budget.

Find a VenueAs I mentioned earlier some people not only book their wedding stylist at least a year before the big day. But they also book their venue a year before the big day. Therefore when it comes to planning the last minute wedding remember that popular venues would already be booked. However, that does not mean you should not call them up. We would advise you to do this because there can be last minute cancellations. Furthermore, if you have your heart set on a particular venue then consider getting married on a weekday. As most weddings are held during the weekend you would be able to find a weekday when the venue is available. It would also be a good idea for you to think about non-traditional wedding venues. Last minute weddings can definitely be a challenge to plan. But if you have some specific steps to follow you can easily streamline the entire process.

Steps On Arranging A Musical Concert For A Successful Outcome

Whether you are interested in arranging a musical concert by bringing in a professional artist or even if you are interested in a talent show, regardless of what the purpose is, if it is a musical concert, you have to make sure that you take the essential steps in order to make things look perfect. At the end of the day, the way that you have set up the stage and every other single detail will affect the outcome that you’re getting and the picture of the concert. Whether you are experienced in putting concerts together or not, you will surely need help. Therefore, make sure that you always seek out for help or even do your research in order to assure that you are making the best possible choices. If you are to arrange a musical concert for a highly successful outcome, here are some of the things that you need to know: 

The Lighting has to be Spot on

One of the most imponent features of a concert is the lighting. If not for the right kind of lighting, it will be tough for you to bring about the ideal ambience that you’re expecting to gain. Also, when you have used the right kind of lighting, you can simply make the stage the spotlight. That is not all, the right kind of lighting will also help the audience get in the mood of enjoying what is actually there. To make things a lot better, you can always promote the right kind of mood. If you want to bring about the best from lighting, make sure that you gain stage lighting hire Melbourne so that the concert will be perfect in terms of lighting. 

Set up the Stage

If you are setting up an outdoor concert, you will surely have to be concerned about the stage. Without the stage, there will no concert and the audience will not be able to to see the view clearly. Therefore, you should also make sure that you prioritize the stage as well so that you can simply bring about the ultimate best from the concern that you are setting up. If you are interested in getting the best in terms of setting up the stage, make sure that you look into getting the services of concert staging companies.

The audience

Depending on the place of the concert, the arrangements that you will have to make for the audience will differ. Therefore, you have to make sure that you take the ideal to make arrangements to the place to give the best in terms of safety and comfort to the audience.

Success Through Better A Management

Whether you are just organizing a conference, party, event or even a workshop, management plays a key role. If you can get it to a great point you might be able to bring your event to success. To do so you have to be very concerned of what you are doing, get your focus in to point and be more productive. Being stressful can lead to many mishaps. To avoid this, we have some great suggestions on how to get your event to its success through better management.

Start early

“Early bird catches the worm”, might sound irrelevant but if you are able to start working early you might be able to achieve the train to success. But how do you do that? Firstly, you might have to start as soon as the event is confirmed. If your event is a large one, you might have to start four to five months early. It is not a waste of time but a great way to make the best. Other events which are less crowded will take only a month or two. Either way make sure you get your timeline on point.


Lists do sound a bit nerdy, but that is the best way to get everything organized and to prevent from forgetting anything. Make sure you create clear lists which are easy to do and simple enough to understand. Once you are done with that you can separate your team into small groups and get them to do them properly. If you do not have a reliable team you can get some professionals to do the tasks. There are many Sydney event management companies offering such qualified people who will do the work they have been assigned in a great manner.

Backup plan

That is correct, a backup plan can save you from many disasters. If your event tends to be turning to the wrong direction, you will need a plan B and a C to help you out. But don’t just keep it in your head, share it with your team or the event management company you hired and have them prepared. This will save your event from huge mishaps.

Other than these you will need to be more relaxed and in touch with every person who is involved in your event one way or another. Always have the proofed documents, both copies and originals, ready. That way you can rely on companies and people more. As long as you and your team are connected and know what to do your event will run smoothly. View more here http://eventmafia.com.au/services/destination-management/

How To Maintain Celebration As A Life Style?


Life itself is a celebration. It is always full of emotions and special moments, which we tend to recall almost till the end of our journey on this earth. As one always search for the beatitude of life, celebrations guarantees to always open up a delirium of joy. Choosing the right venue is always important for such celebrations in order to make it a memorable moment. Whatever the function, whether it is a wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversaries or any corporate event, giving to a specialized team can always take it upon themselves that you get nothing but the best.  It is always guaranteed that the staff would ensure that you would be able to sit back and relax and enjoy the moment and ensure to provide venues for a multitude of guests, to host functions and events not only to satisfy all customers, but also for their guests to go back with happy memories after celebrating in style.

Making your big day a memorable one

The pure joy of the union of two hearts becoming one is sure an occasion to exalt in bliss. By choosing a small wedding reception venues are ideal, for a couple who wish to have a simple and a romantic wedding, in the suburbs of Melbourne. As it is rest assured that these places are well equipped to cater to your guests’ demands and make your big day a memorable one. You can check the cuisine is and how it’s prepared by professionals who have thrived to excel. Having different types of rooms which have been designed to harmonize according to the customer’s requirement for the set-up for the occasion can always be a plus point. Usually all décors are created by creative professionals, who pay attention to every detail, in order to satisfy customer’s needs.

Corporate events

Better safe than sorry, they say, and having a good lead time is always the safest way to start for planning and hosting a corporate event, especially as it bears the image of your company. Professionals normally would ensure that you would be able to meet the basics and essentials of your agenda, thus ensuring that you would never be sorry for choosing them. Given the fact that these firms are located closer to the Airport and the Melbourne CBD, small function venues are definitely the best in the area.  It is also a definite advantage for you to accommodate your clients/guests at those venues, thus saving their travel time. The experience in holding corporate events is tremendous and endeavor to transform the function location according to the occasion, which varies from award nights, seminars, presentations, charity galas and product launches.

Shuttle Service and Parking space

Shuttle service can be arranged for your guests, assuring a comfortable ride from the airport and the Melbourne CBD at a very reasonable rate. The chauffeurs are always licensed drivers who practice the norms of safe driving.  Safe parking is one of the pros which you could find with these firms. Also they are well equipped with a big space within our compound with valets who would take care of your vehicle in your absence.


Ways Of Making An Event Successful

Planning for an event- whether it’s a wedding, anniversary or an official party- seems somewhat nervous especially when mastering an event for the first time. But you do not have to worry if you organise the same with proper planning. If you start its preparation before the time, you can do its preparation calmly. And you can easily complete your preparation in time according to the plan. This will help you to earn more compliments and praises and also the guest would be pleased by your wonderful planning.

The first and most important step is to take the decision whether you can handle the whole event by your own or you need a helper or assistant. If you think, you need someone to assist you and share your responsibilities, then don’t afraid to ask for the same. An event planner will help you from choosing the best event venues to arranging foods. Check this link http://srbevents.melbourne/ if you are looking for best event venues. 

Make sure you tell your budget to the planner for certain things so that he can stick within it. Sometimes, the best event venues may seem costly to you, but a planner knows how to fit it within your budget.

You have to know purpose of the event. You have to know the reason, the type of event and your demands/requirements to be put into it. The event which is to be organised can be of small size or big size- what all you need is to be aware of all its requirements to make it a success. Once you get the full information about the event, you can set for proper planning in which manner the event should be presented and can create a budget.

The best idea to remember your all plans is to make a checklist, in which you can note down all the detailed planning you need for organising the event. It would contain everything- from booking of a venue, hiring a caterer or a band party for songs and dance to inviting guest. However, if you hire a planner, the professional will take all the responsibilities and you can relax.

Make a guest list – making the list of guest to be invited is a vital part of event planning. The list must be prepared as early as possible. On the basis of number of guest listed in the checklist, the size of the venue is determined and according to it the ideal place is booked. It can also help you estimate the cost of catering.

So, organising an event – small or large- is not a tough job. The above mentioned tips can help you in organising a successful, pleasurable event full of enjoyment.

Organizing A Fundraising Carnival


If you are looking for a way to earn money for a cause that you believe in, a fundraising carnival is one of the best things that you can do. Carnivals have a great potential in earning money because everyone in your town would be happy to visit the carnival and will potentially spend quite a bit of money on drinks and fun activities that you have organized for them.

Know your finances

As you are organizing a fundraising carnival, it is important that you do not end up spending more money than you have, at the festival. For this reason, it is important that you make a note of how much it is going to cost you to host this event and make a list of all the stalls and activities that you will have and how much each of them has the potential of earning. Although these figures will be a rough estimate there will be some figures that you will be able to know for certain such as how much money you will earn by selling the stalls to business owners. You will not be able to come up with an exact figure of how much you will be able to earn from kids rides and other activities at first however as your plan begins to develop you will start to have a basic idea of how many people are attending judging from the number of tickets that you have sold. 

Kids rides in Melbourne are one of the most popular attractions and at most carnivals you will find queues of children waiting to ride on them. For this reason, it is important that you have a number of these rides in order to prevent people from losing interest from staying in long queues for a long time and in order to earn more money.

It is important that you get volunteers from your community and those fighting for the same cause to volunteer to do activities without charging for their work. This way, all of the money that is collected from that particular activity will come directly to your cause. It is important that you approach as many small businesses as possible to have stalls at your event because food and drink are another aspect that will make a lot of money at such carnivals. You can even have members of your own team and community bake cookies, cupcakes and make lemonade to be donated to the event and have one hundred percent of profits donated to your cause.


It’s the Season for Brides


June is upon us and has brought with it the excitement of weddings. We all love weddings. They are happy moments cherished by everyone, and a time where everyone come together to celebrate love and the joys of life. It is one of the most memorable moments in the lives of the bride and groom and they want to make it the best wedding they’ve been a part of. However, most of the burden of organizing the wedding falls on the bride and some brides have no clue as to what they need for their wedding in terms of fundamentals, even though they have a lot of ideas. Therefore, we thought we’ll bring to your attention some basic things you need to concentrate on your wedding day in relation to the venue and decorations.

Decoration Basics

There are some fundamental points you need to concentrate on in terms of selecting decorations for your wedding reception. All of us want the perfect fairy tale wedding and there are some principal decoration requirements that you need to pay more attention to. For instance, you would want to get a wedding arch hire service to get that perfect arch done for your wedding as it is one of the most prominent and memorable requirements of a wedding. It would be the place where you recite your vows and thus it would be captured in all the photographs as well. Therefore, you would want it to be perfect. May it be a floral arch or a rustic vintage one, you should make sure it meets your requirements and the quality you aspire.

Hence, make sure you tell the hiring service what you want exactly and follow up on the plans. In addition to the arch, the tables that you allocate for your guests and the table that reserve for the bridal retinue, your husband and you are also of major importance. They are some of the more prominently decorated places of your wedding reception. Therefore it is important that you pay attention to the centrepieces of the tables. Once again, tell your florists what you want and insist on a sample of the decorations to the wedding.

The Venue

Selecting the most appropriate venue for your wedding is of utmost importance, as a lot of the other aspects of the wedding reception depend on the venue. You might have a lot of exciting ideas but they should also be practical. For instance, it is not practical to have an outdoor wedding during the rainy season. Therefore, choose wisely when selecting the venue, depending on environmental factors, the number of guests you would like to invite and theme you select for the wedding.

Planning Your Next Step

For numerous couples, it’s vital that the location they choose is stress-free for the many of their invitees to get to. Nevertheless, whether you’re holding your occasion nearer to home or preparing a destination event in a totally different city, state or country, you must to think about the logistics of getting everybody to your occasion site.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your engagement party venues in Melbourne

Driving and Traffic flow Concerns

Invitees may be coming from a substantial distance by vehicle to attend to your function. For certain they would be able to use Google Maps or some other map reading tool to get instructions to your site, but those means aren’t always 100% dependable. Given probable expressway system mix-up and traffic blocks, you would save your invitees lots of time and anxiety if you offer, along with the invite, precise directions on a single map drawn to gauge. Include signs signifying directions. Even if you have little restraints when selecting an ideal place, it’s still worth bearing in mind the total driving time to and from your target.


Are you aware of what type of engagement party venues you need? Will it be official or relaxed? A traditional event or an inventive gathering? Will it be hosted during the night time or daytime? Inside or outside? Is having a garden formality or decadent food a deal breaker? By recognizing the geographic area and the most vital features of your dream event prior to starting to look for a function site, you could really slim down your search. 

Number of Invitees

How many guests are expected? Many amenities demand a rough estimate 60–90 days prior to the function and they would need a deposit based on the amount you give them. A definite number of guests or assurance is generally necessary 72 hours before the function. It’s vital to come up with a firm approximation of your invitee list early on in order to design your budget and choose the appropriate type of function. It’s also vital to make sure that the invitee count you give the facility prior to the function doesn’t differ during your function.

The Climate Factor

The climate could be a large factor, especially if you’re scheduling to have an outdoor event. Having fun under bright skies is awesome. A covering or tables with canopies are vital for screening the sun. In fact, you must ask every facility manager with regards to the direction of the sun so that you would know which side needs the covering. Invitees would find it difficult if the sun was directly at them. If you’re organizing an outside function when the climate is less dependable and may turn cold or wet, organize a emergency plan: it’s a great option to have admission to an inside area or a shelter.

4 Great Ideas For Your Kids Costumes

Kids are inspired by many characters from cartoons or books and when it comes to Halloween or any other festival they want to get dressed up as their favorite character. In such cases, moms panic a lot as it involves a lot of preparation. Getting ready for book week isn’t difficult if one plans it well.
To dress their children as characters from books cannot be an easy task. With some preparation and getting stuff available at home, it can be fun getting your child dressed for book week and save on last moment expensive costume. Well, we will be giving you some great book week costume ideas for kids so that you can easily decide and dress your child for book week the way they want.
Roaring Rocket
Use a silver cardboard of large size and make a cylinder shape to cover around child’s body and under the arms. Stick two ribbons to make straps for shoulders on cylinder top. Use 2 bottles of soft drinks, cover them using foil and attach in order to make rocket boosters at the back of the cylinder. Use silver cardboard to make a cone as a hat on the rocket top.
Historical Characters
Historical characters can be funny and notorious too. Kings or Queens have been always popular amongst people, so you can go picking colorful costumes.
Traditional Characters
Some characters need no introduction like Thomas Engine, Peter Rabbit etc.; they are very loved and popular amongst kids. So you can dress your child as Alice in Wonderland, The Cat in the hat, Tin and many more.
Contemporary Characters from Books
These characters can be interesting like Harry, Captain Underpants, the gruffalo, harry potter.
There are many other costume ideas for young kids like butterfly, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Peacock etc., parents need to find out which costume will suit their babies looking at their age and comfort. Instead of buying expensive costume, go creative to find stuff at home and try to make characters out of it. Let your child feel comfortable in the costume. Sharp edges or ends on the costumes should be avoided so that your child doesn’t get hurt. Do not panic as there are many easy ideas that you can try even at the end moment.
If you are not aware of what to design or dress your child as you do not have to worry as you can browse on the internet to search some good ideas. If you land up asking your child as which character will they want to dress up as then it can be a daunting task for you as they will always come up with difficult costume ideas.