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4 Great Ideas For Your Kids Costumes

Kids are inspired by many characters from cartoons or books and when it comes to Halloween or any other festival they want to get dressed up as their favorite character. In such cases, moms panic a lot as it involves a lot of preparation. Getting ready for book week isn’t difficult if one plans it well.
To dress their children as characters from books cannot be an easy task. With some preparation and getting stuff available at home, it can be fun getting your child dressed for book week and save on last moment expensive costume. Well, we will be giving you some great book week costume ideas for kids so that you can easily decide and dress your child for book week the way they want.
Roaring Rocket
Use a silver cardboard of large size and make a cylinder shape to cover around child’s body and under the arms. Stick two ribbons to make straps for shoulders on cylinder top. Use 2 bottles of soft drinks, cover them using foil and attach in order to make rocket boosters at the back of the cylinder. Use silver cardboard to make a cone as a hat on the rocket top.
Historical Characters
Historical characters can be funny and notorious too. Kings or Queens have been always popular amongst people, so you can go picking colorful costumes.
Traditional Characters
Some characters need no introduction like Thomas Engine, Peter Rabbit etc.; they are very loved and popular amongst kids. So you can dress your child as Alice in Wonderland, The Cat in the hat, Tin and many more.
Contemporary Characters from Books
These characters can be interesting like Harry, Captain Underpants, the gruffalo, harry potter.
There are many other costume ideas for young kids like butterfly, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Peacock etc., parents need to find out which costume will suit their babies looking at their age and comfort. Instead of buying expensive costume, go creative to find stuff at home and try to make characters out of it. Let your child feel comfortable in the costume. Sharp edges or ends on the costumes should be avoided so that your child doesn’t get hurt. Do not panic as there are many easy ideas that you can try even at the end moment.
If you are not aware of what to design or dress your child as you do not have to worry as you can browse on the internet to search some good ideas. If you land up asking your child as which character will they want to dress up as then it can be a daunting task for you as they will always come up with difficult costume ideas.